Black Hawk kite with 7 meters pole + turning anchor
Black Hawk kite with 7 meters pole + turning anchor €134,95 €139,75

Black Hawk kite with 7 meters pole + turning anchor

€139,75 €134,95
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Black Hawk kite with fiberglass pole of 7 meters high, INCL. a free of charge anchor. This scarecrow moves, climbs and dives like a real falcon. Even with the softest wind, this kite takes off and flies up to 12 meters. The constant movements scare away birds and game.

  • Carefully and realistic counterfeit falcon in the shape of a kite
  • Responds to instinctive flight behavior of birds and game through the silhouette of a falcon
  • Silent and effective
  • Easy to set up
  • INCL. free of charge turning ground anchor

Thanks to the turning ground anchor the kite always turns away from the wind direction and the kite does not get entangled against the pole.


Bird of prey kite is effective to scare away birds

A bird of prey kite is a cheap and effective way to scare away birds. The kite is attached to a tall mast and is moved by the wind in a natural way. Due to the ever-changing movement, the birds present see the bird of prey kite for a real bird of prey.

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