Bird protection at factories and industrial halls

Birds cause a lot of nuisance in and around factories and industrial halls. What is a good way to prevent bird nuisance at the factory and industrial hall?
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Seagulls like to sit on roofs on the “lookout” and leave everything behind. Like pigeons or starlings, they also cause a lot of nuisance. For example, companies that benefit from good hygiene experience this bird nuisance as very unpleasant. What is a good way to prevent bird nuisance in factories and industrial halls?

Damage to industrial buildings and factories caused by birds

Birds on the roof of your industrial building or at the entrance of your factory. These birds often cause a lot of nuisance. Their droppings contaminate pavements and roofs, which can affect their lifespan. Cleaning is expensive and time consuming. Bird nuisance is not only a problem outside. In large industrial halls that are often open, the cheeky animals also enter, to leave behind large amounts of rubbish, with all the consequences that entails. Good and effective bird protection is therefore of great importance.

The best way to repel birds from industrial halls and factories

ALCETSOUND offers several ways to repel birds in animal-friendly and effective ways. To prevent bird nuisance on the roof, you can, for example, use our stainless steel pigeon or gull spikes. These are strips made of stainless steel or plastic with stainless steel pins, which are attached to the roof. Effective, but time consuming. Bird of prey kites or old-fashioned scarecrow can also be used. But for both it applies that a different place has to be found regularly because birds get used to it differently. In addition, birds sometimes also enter the production hall. They peck food, build nests and leave faeces behind. This can be a threat to hygiene in the hall. What is the best way to prevent this nuisance from birds? ALCETSOUND developed the acoustic defense system, a system that has since proven effective in this sector.

Acoustic defense system at a company hall or factory

ALCETSOUND developed a sound system with screams of fear. Research has shown that birds communicate with each other. Peers warn each other with so-called fear cries when danger is imminent. By collecting, recording and playing these sounds, the acoustic defense system is created. A very animal-friendly and effective system for repelling birds.

Effectively repel birds from industrial halls and factories

Our acoustic defense system can be used at least as well to chase birds from the roof of your company hall, to keep the area around your hall free of birds. The system has been in use at Brabant Prefab in Oss since 2009. Director Bert van Grunsven: “We make dormer windows that are wrapped in plastic foil and placed outside on our site, until they can be delivered. Crows and corvids tend to break this foil, causing direct damage to our final product. Especially on weekends when there is little activity on the site, the birds go about their business with all the consequences. But by using the Alcetsound scare system, the birds flee and we have been able to effectively prevent this damage for years. "

Animal-friendly bird protection system

The fear cries system can best be described as a scarecrow in a cupboard. The waterproof housing contains an amplifier with built-in timer and one or more speakers. The sound is adapted to the bird species to be chased away.

You choose the times when you want to chase the birds away. For example during the day or at night. The system then emits the sounds at set or random times to scare away the birds. Simple, but effective and animal-friendly. The system is used frequently and successfully not only around industrial halls or factories, but also in the agricultural sector.

The best bird repellent advice for everyone

ALCETSOUND is not only aimed at the business market. We have various solutions for chasing birds, such as pigeons and gulls, and always animal-friendly. We are happy to advise you. In our webshop you will find a complete overview of the systems we offer to prevent bird nuisance or to scare away birds. Contact us for questions or advice.