BirdBarrier Solar - seal for pigeons under solar panels

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Roofs are often a popular gathering place for pigeons. They are attracted to the heat that escapes through the roof covering and chimneys. When the roof is fitted with solar panels, the heat output built up by the panels is even higher thanks to solar radiation. As a result, pigeons tend to rest on the warm surface of the solar panels during the day and sleep and nest at night.

Pigeon droppings cause a deposit on the glass of the solar panels and therefore a rapid decrease in the performance of the solar panels. In addition, the nests and droppings between the panels and the roofing will eventually be washed away by rain, clogging the gutters and creating blockages in the drainage pipes resulting in rainwater flooding.

The BirdBarrier ensures fast and complete sealing of the opening between the roof and the solar panels. It is easy, quick and safe to install. Once placed and adjusted correctly, it will repel pigeons. Thanks to its special shape and material, it adapts to all panel shapes and different roof undulations, keeping the solar system's performance unchanged.