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Chase birds away with Dazon snapping device

Dazon is the world's largest and most important producer of LPG guns. These devices have been developed and produced in Maastricht since 1942. They are used to protect crops and to combat nuisance caused by birds and game.

You can use snapping devices to scare away birds. The device makes a loud bang by igniting gas. In an open field, a blasting device can work up to an area of ​​up to 4 hectares. Snapping devices are a very effective means of repelling birds and game.

Buy Dazon shooter at ALCETSOUND

ALCETSOUND supplies a sophisticated range of Dazon crackers that find their way to fruit growing, dairy farming, arable farming, industrial sites and (air) ports. Normally we can deliver these blasting devices, also called gas cannons, from stock.

The use of a scarecrow device is very effective and ensures that your crops are no longer plucked bare.