Preventing gull nuisance at marinas, ports en harbors

Gulls can cause a lot of nuisance, also in the maritime sector such as marinas and locks. It is therefore wise to avoid nuisance gulls. How can you effectively repel seagulls?
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How do you avoid nuisance from seagulls and other birds

Seagulls can always be found in harbors by the sea, on rivers and at locks. They like to be on the lookout in search of food. With jetties, for example, or mooring posts and dolphins. It is often clear that they are there; they leave a lot of excrement. That does not look very neat and tidy. But not only the scaffolding gets dirty; the ships in the harbor too. Seagull nuisance is also a problem in the maritime sector. The scaffolding and mooring posts have to be cleaned, which is time consuming and costly work. ALCETSOUND is happy to provide a solution to prevent this bird nuisance.

ALCETSOUND acoustic defense system

What is the best way to combat nuisance from birds in the maritime sector? Our ALCETSOUND acoustic defense system is also effective and animal-friendly for this sector. It works quite simply: at ALCETSOUND we developed a sound system with screams of fear. Birds respond to sounds from their peers. They communicate with each other. When danger threatens, they spread so-called fear cries as a warning. By properly mapping these cries and then recording and playing them, an animal-friendly system for chasing birds is created.

An effective system, not only to prevent nuisance from seagulls. Every autumn, the Brink Yachting in Kerkdriel was plagued by large numbers of jackdaws that landed on the sales jetty. ALCETSOUND advised to use the acoustic system. De Brink Yachting has now been using this system for more than 3 years, to full satisfaction. The birds stay away and the jetty remains clean.

Gull spiders to prevent nuisance

To prevent gulls from settling on, for example, the roofs of buildings near the port or on mooring posts, we offer our stainless steel gull pins. These are strips made of stainless steel or plastic with stainless steel pins. These strips are similar to our pigeon pins, but the pins are longer. After all, gulls are higher on their feet. The gull spiders have a height of about 12.5 cm and are therefore 3 cm longer than our pigeon spiders.

Placing gull spikes

You can easily apply our seagull pins yourself to any surface thanks to our very good adhesive mounting kit. This sealant does not harden and remains flexible. This keeps the strip in place for years to come. Unlike other sealants, our sealant is excellent for a substrate that continuously expands and shrinks under the influence of changing outside temperatures.

Preventing gull nuisance at locks

ALCETSOUND recently delivered no less than 2,800 linear meters of these gull spikes on behalf of Rijkswaterstaat, to prevent gull nuisance and nest formation during braking and guiding works at a lock complex in Zeeland.

Braking, or guarding, is a construction that slows down ships when they approach or threaten to approach a bridge or lock. In addition, braking work is also done to give a ship the opportunity to wait in front of a closed bridge or lock. Nesting birds caused a lot of nuisance. Skippers and passengers who had to moor here were regularly attacked as soon as there were young in the nest. This has come to an end by placing the seagull spikes from ALCETSOUND.

Other ways to prevent bird nuisance and deter birds

Chasing birds can be done in different ways. ALCETSOUND offers various means to scare away pigeons, for example. In addition to gull spiders and our acoustic bird repellent system, we offer various other means in our webshop to prevent bird nuisance. Our rotating mirror pyramids and Flash Flags allow birds to believe that there is a fire or that a bird of prey is lurking through the flickering of light. Bird of prey kites or balloons can also keep birds at bay with their bright colors and images of eyes.

All these solutions can of course be applied in both the private and business sector. At ALCETSOUND we always work animal-friendly. Our goal is to dispose of all birds in a peaceful way without the animals getting hurt. Do you have nuisance from birds and would you like to know more about the products we offer? We are happy to advise you and help you on your way to an animal-friendly solution. Wherever you live or work, ALCETSOUND helps to prevent nuisance.