Delivery conditions

Download the delivery terms and conditions of ALCET Nederland here.

General delivery terms and conditions for ALCET Nederland, KvK no. 64955028

ALCET Nederland v.o.f. is located in Rosmalen at Dreesborch 3 and hereafter called ALCET. 

1. General 

  1. These terms and conditions are applicable to all quotes and offers of, and all agreements with, ALCET.
  2. Deviations from these terms and conditions are valid exclusively to the extent that these are expressly agreed to in writing by the parties. 

2. Quote/project 

  1. All quotes and/or offers are without obligation, unless it is expressly provided that they are irrevocable, and have – unless expressly provided otherwise – a term of validity of 30 days, counting from the date of the quote and/or offer.
  2. Agreements are created exclusively by written acceptance by ALCET of a project, or by execution of a project by ALCET.
  3. The scope of the agreement will be determined by the quote and/or offer, including the changes that are later made in consultation.

3. Prices

  1. The prices given by ALCET exclude sales tax (VAT) and other fees that are imposed by the government.
  2. Prices made known by ALCET in catalogues or otherwise do not bind ALCET. After creation of the agreement, ALCET is entitled to raise the agreed prices in case of, among other things, interim increases and/or assessments on shipping, customs fees, goods and/or raw material prices, taxes, wages or social fees, value decrease of Dutch currency and/or value increase of foreign currency, and any governmental measures that can have a price-increasing effect.
  3. In case of increase of the net prices, the customer will be entitled to cancel the agreement, as long as he or she has reported this to ALCET in writing within 14 days after notification. The customer has in the case of cancellation no right to compensation for damages. 

4. Execution of the agreement

  1. The agreement will be executed within the (estimated) term named in the quote in consultation with the customer, unless that is not reasonably achievable. In case exceeding that term threatens, ALCET will consult with the customer as soon as possible. ALCET will not, however be in default due to exceeding the term without notice of default.
  2. With the creation of an agreement for a project, ALCET binds itself to no more than carrying out the agreed work or deliveries.
  3. ALCET bases its advice concerning the application of crop protection recommendations on the applicable legal provisions. The user recommendations (application techniques, etc.), provided both orally and in writing, rest on previously acquired experience in the Netherlands and in Southern Europe. ALCET advises to the best of its ability and according to knowledge of matters at this moment, which also means that ALCET cannot make guarantees regarding unknown damaging consequences that results from the recommended use at the time of the recommendation.
  4. In case of sale by ALCET of goods, it applies that ALCET gives no guarantee other than is described in the quote. ALCET will do additional work exclusively after prior approval from the customer, after which approval the costs of the additional work can be billed to the customer. 

5. Responsibility of the customer 

  1. The customer accepts the responsibility to determine whether he or she has any necessary permits/releases for the use of articles delivered by ALCET. 

6. Delivery, risk, and ownership

  1. Items will be delivered from Rosmalen and the risk for these items is assumed by the customer from the moment of delivery.
  2. In case of delivery of movable items, ALCET remains the owner of all items delivered to the customer until the sales prices for all these items is entirely satisfied. 

7. Payment 

  1. Payment must be made before delivery. ALCET will provide the customer with an itemised invoice for this.
  2. Upon non-timely payment, without notice of default being required, the legal interest is owed from the due date, as well as any collection costs incurred for the matter.
  3. The counterparty cannot rely on compensation, withholding or suspension for payment. 

8. Liability

ALCET iis only liable for the proper technical functioning of the items delivered at the time of delivery. ALCET is not liable for damages resulting from the use of the items, nor for damage that results despite the application of the delivered items.