Bird protection on the flat roof

Are you experiencing bird nuisance on your flat roof? More and more often we also have to deal with nuisance from birds around the house. Pigeons in particular can cause quite a bit of nuisance, but also crows, starlings or gulls.
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Chase birds from your flat roof

It is not easy to chase the birds yourself, especially if they are comfortable on the flat roof of your extension or garage, or worse, on the dormer window of your bedroom. Birds, especially pigeons, like to use the possibilities that the flat roof offers them. Plenty of room to land and relax. Moreover, they can keep a beautiful overview of the surroundings from the edge. That's called rusting, a real pigeon thing. Perhaps not a big problem when it comes to one or two birds, but soon more will follow and that causes quite a nuisance. Noise, but also all the poo they leave behind is not that fresh and can even affect the roof if it is not cleaned in time. It is therefore wise to prevent the birds from causing nuisance. ALCETSOUND offers various solutions for this.

Prevent nuisance with bird nets

A practical solution for pigeon nuisance on your flat roof is to install bird nets. Nets can easily be stretched over the flat roof by means of uprights. As a result, pigeons can simply no longer land on your roof and thus prevent this bird nuisance. The nets have an immediate effect, last for years and can be placed reasonably invisibly.

Mirror pyramids prevent crow nuisance on flat roofs

Of course there are also other ways to prevent nuisance from birds on your flat roof. There are various means to prevent pigeons, gulls or other birds from living on your roof. An Owners' Association in Schiedam struggled with corvids on the flat roof of their apartment complex. A board member says: “The rooks on the roof of the complex always threw pebbles down. This mainly caused damage to parked cars. To dents and broken car windows. ”

Together with ALCETSOUND they looked for an efficient solution. ALCETSOUND advised placing mirror pyramids on the roof. These are highly reflective pyramids that are visible from a great distance. Birds assume that the flickering they see is fire and prefer to stay away. "The pyramids have been on the roof for over a year now and since then we have had no nuisance from pigeons or other birds."

Place pigeon pins on the flat roof

We also supply pigeon spikes to scare away birds such as pigeons. Those are strips with stainless steel pins. They keep pigeons from sitting where the strips have been applied. You can choose from strips of stainless steel or plastic. The pins are always made of stainless steel. You can easily mount these strips yourself on your flat roof or on the roof edge, with our very good adhesive mounting kit. This sealant does not harden and remains flexible. This keeps the strip in place for years to come. Unlike other types of kits, our mounting kit is extremely suitable for a surface that continuously expands and shrinks under the influence of changing outside temperatures, such as your flat roof. In this way you can chase away birds and prevent pigeon nuisance.

For nuisance from seagulls we have gull spikes. The same principle as the pigeon spikes, but because gulls stand higher on their legs, the pins are 3 centimeters longer.

Bird protection in an animal-friendly way

ALCETSOUND always works with you to find animal-friendly methods to scare away pigeons, for example. In our webshop you will find the above resources and more. You will also find the bird of prey kite there, a very efficient scarecrow for your flat roof. These kites come in different colors, the mast can be in various lengths. They move, fly, climb and dive just like a real falcon. Due to the shape of a birds of prey, they deter birds such as pigeons and your flat roof remains free of birds.

If you want to know more about the products we offer you in the field of pigeon nuisance, or are you looking for other animal-friendly ways to repel birds, do not hesitate to contact us. We deliver to both companies and individuals. ALCETSOUND helps prevent bird nuisance, wherever you live or work.