Eagle Eye wind-driven against sea gulls
Eagle Eye wind-driven against sea gulls 299,-

Eagle Eye wind-driven against sea gulls

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The wind-powered Eagle Eye mirror pyramid uses the reflection of a certain portion of the infrared spectrum of sunlight, which birds associate with the presence of threat. The highly reflective pyramids are visible from a great distance. The Red Eagle Eye has been especially designed for marine birds, such as sea gulls

Eagle Eye mirror pyramid simulates threat to birds

When birds are in flight, they are always alert to threat from above (bird of prey). The Eagle Eye's mirror pyramids simulate this threat and thus reduce the presence of birds on or around an object.

The Eagle Eye works silently and is an animal-friendly bird defense system that causes little or no inconvenience to local residents. It can be used well with bird nuisance on flat roofs.

- Wind powered mirror pyramid with upright and support.
- Equipped with aluminum tube and upright for positioning at approximately 50 cm above the surface to be protected.

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