Bird control in an animal friendly way

How do you repel or deter birds? With ALCETSOUND systems.
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7 ways to repel pigeons, gulls and other poultry

If you want to repel gulls, pigeons, crows, starlings or other poultry, it is a good idea to order effective products such as a kite. ALCETSOUND's bird control systems help you to repel birds in an animal-friendly way. The bird nuisance that you experience as a gardener, farmer, entrepreneur or home owner can now finally be tackled! We have the best products to repel birds from yards, farmlands, fields, greenhouses, cell towers, airports, marinas, industrial and factory sites.

How do we scare away birds?

We have many years of experience in chasing birds, such as gulls and pigeons, with kites and other products. Listed below are 7 effective ways to effectively combat bird nuisance:

1. By placing bird spikes on eaves and landing areas, birds can no longer land at their favorite spots.
2. You can screen off areas with nets.
3. Sounds scare away birds. Our highly effective ALCETSOUND acoustic system allows birds to hear screams of fear when they see a bird of prey. The imitation of this call makes peers flee from danger. This system is popular with arable farmers and fruit growers.
4. Our blasting devices / gas cannons are also effective. The loud bangs scare off birds.
5. You can also opt for optical systems to repel birds, such as our rotating mirror pyramids and Pro-Peller and Bird Breezers. The flickering of the light makes birds think that there is a fire or that a bird of prey is lurking.
6. Or use our highly effective inflatable scarecrow with siren and flashes of light. This scarecrow blows up at unexpected moments and thus chases away the birds in its environment.
7. Our raptor kites and balloons are animal-friendly and silent. The bright colors and images of eyes or birds of prey keeps birds at bay. We also have solutions for nuisance caused by other animals, such as rabbits, boars or other game.