Scarey Man scarecrow and birdscarer
Scarey Man scarecrow and birdscarer €557,95 €587,50

Scarey Man scarecrow and birdscarer

€587,50 €557,95
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This electronic and automatic Scarey Man is a man-sized inflatable scarecrow. The combination of the unexpected inflation, the siren sound and the bright orange color provide the deterrent effect that keeps birds and game away from the terrain protected by the Scarey Man.

- Inflates every 18 minutes for 25 seconds
- Provides bright sound and light for the night
- When inflated 165 cm high
- Works on a 12 Volt battery (NOT INCLUDED)
- Equipped with a "low battery capacity" indicator

This Multi-use model offers the following options:
- active during the day, at night or 24 hours a day
- adjusting the sensitivity of the light sensor so that Scarey Man will be active earlier
- switch lighting on or off

The Scarey Man is applied in / on / at:
- open field vegetable cultivation
- fruit growing
- arable farming
- airports
- fish ponds
- roofs on industrial sites

Works on any 12 Volt battery. A battery with the dimensions: length 24 cm, width 17 cm, height 20 cm fits exactly in the box.

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