Gull spikes

Gull spikes from ALCETSOUND are distinguished from the pigeon spikes in our package by the nearly 3-cm longer stainless steel spikes. Gulls stand taller on their legs and certainly for the large seagulls, it is preferable to use these longer gull...
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The gull spikes of ALCETSOUND look at a glance like our pigeon bird spikes. But they are not the same. Gulls namely stand taller on their legs and in order to chase them off you thus need longer spikes. This certainly applies for the large seagulls. Our gull spikes have a height of around 12.5 cm and are thus 3 cm longer than our pigeon spikes. 
You thus take on the nuisance of gulls in an effective way!
You can install our gull spikes simply to any surface thanks to our very well-attaching kit. This kit does not harden and remains flexible. Because of this, the strips remain firmly in place for years. In contrast with other kinds of kits, our kit is outstandingly suited for a surface that continuously expands and contracts under the influence of variable outdoor temperatures.