Pigeon repelling and chasing away pigeons in an effective way

Pigeons can be chased away in various animal-friendly ways. ALCETSOUND offers products to easily chase away pigeons and prevent pigeon nuisance. Read all about repelling and chasing away pigeons in an effective way here.
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Duiven zorgen voor overlast en vervuiling

Chasing away pigeons was never so simple, thanks to the products from ALCETSOUND. We deliver pigeon bird spikes with rust-free steel spikes directly from stock. You can install these strips of stainless steel or plastic simply on a roof edge, window ledge or balcony railing, for example with our extremely well-attaching kit. 

Our kit does not harden and remains flexible. Because of this, the strip remains firmly in place for years. With other kinds of kits, the strips soon loosen because the surface expands and contracts under the influence of outdoor temperatures changes. 

The use of bird nets is also very effective. ALCETSOUND delivers these nets in any desired size, but also as ready-to-go, do-it-yourself packages. These contain everything that is needed to install the 5 x 5-metre nets in a professional way. Pigeons, gulls and crows do not get a chance to enter and/or foul your property.

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ALCETSOUND helps to reduce the nuisance from birds, wherever you live or work! We deliver our bird repellent systems to all companies and individuals who have troubles with birds. 


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