BirdBarrier for solar panels , 20 mt, incl. tape
BirdBarrier for solar panels , 20 mt, incl. tape 400,- €484,00

BirdBarrier for solar panels , 20 mt, incl. tape

€484,00 €400,00
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Professional solution to the problem of pigeons under your solar panels.

- Material: coated aluminum, color dark brown
- Strip length 1 meter
- Material thickness 0.8 mm
- "finger" 18 cm long
- 48 "fingers" per linear meter
- More than 12% opening for air circulation under panels.

Thanks to these aluminum coated fingers, no bird can get under your solar panels. Pigeons under solar panels is a common problem. The droppings of these pests accumulate without being able to be removed. Nest formation and the risk of short circuit and fire are lurking and require a permanent solution.

With the BirdBarrier we offer a solution that can be applied directly when installing the solar panels, but the BirdBarrier is also easy to install afterwards.

The BirdBarrier comes with a strong adhesive double-sided tape. The BirdBarrier has a handy lip which makes it easy to apply to the edge of the solar panels. Due to the clever design, an opening can be made where the carrier of the panels protrudes, without creating a passage for the pigeons.

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