Black Hawk kite, 10 mt pole
Black Hawk kite, 10 mt pole 209,- €215,50

Black Hawk kite, 10 mt pole

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Black Hawk kite with fiberglass pole of 10 meters high. This scarecrow moves, climbs and dives like a real falcon. Even with the softest wind, this kite takes off and flies up to 15 meters. The constant movements scare away birds and game.

  • Carefully and realistic counterfeit falcon in the shape of a kite
  • Responds to instinctive flight behavior of birds and game through the silhouette of a falcon
  • Silent and effective
  • Easy to set up

Bird of prey kite is effective to scare away birds

A bird of prey kite is a cheap and effective way to scare away birds. The kite is attached to a tall mast and is moved by the wind in a natural way. Due to the ever-changing movement, the birds present see the bird of prey kite for a real bird of prey.

10 / 10
10 / 10
Nicolle 05 June 2024

Snel ontvangen, eenvoudig in elkaar te zetten, doet wat het moet doen!