Nuisance from birds annually causes great (economic) damage. Consider the losses in agriculture and horticulture, fruit harvests and field cultivation, but also the costs for maintenance and repair of buildings. We are happy to help you limit this damage.

ALCETSOUND delivers animal-friendly and effective products to chase away birds in the industrial, agricultural and civil environments. Our most advanced professional product is our acoustic distress-call system. With this, we chase off birds with natural alarm sounds of the species to be chased away and the call of their natural enemies, such as predatory birds.

Our sound system comes in a complete package and can be installed by the user or, if desired, by our ALCETSOUND technicians. Custom solutions are also possible in terms of installation, such as is the case in the vehicles of the birdwatch at Schiphol and Rotterdam Airport.

Next to our professional sound systems, you can order all the usual products from us for chasing off birds: from bird spikes and gas cannons to bird scaring devices. You can find an overview on this page.